Friday, July 8, 2011

The Evolution of Air.

This is a recent piece I did for another blog I am a part of, Omega Sketch. I've been using the blog the last couple of weeks to experiment with my process and loosen up the act of drawing and inking the final image. So far I've really liked the results, and feel like I'm on to something that I want to try to incorporate more into my more finished work meant for print. With this piece, the pencil sketch was extremely loose, and had nearly no details other than a rough sketch of a face, and slight indications of what directions the folds might flow. Most of the decisions were made in the inking stage, and I think it helps the act of inking when you don't have a strict pencil line to follow. The rendering/shadows are probably what I like most about this one, not being planned out, I think it gives the image more life and motion, and with some more practice and thought, I think this process can show great form and expression in a figure. This drawing only took a couple of hours to complete start to finish, and the speed at which I worked, I believe, lead to achieving the things I have discussed. In the future, I want to apply this technique to a more finished pencil drawing, and try to concentrate more on form and anatomy to hone in on what I think is an exciting, and original look.

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  1. Sweet! Nice movement, and i love how you handled the crowd.